We are a Ugandan based non government entity that envisions the growth of lacrosse sport starting at the grassroots with juniors all the way to the adults of all categories across the country and the continent at large. Our focus is to develop programs that prepare junior and adult players for local and international competition, while further developing the individual as a person and member of the greater Africa Lacrosse fraternity.

The jinja based entity traces her roots 1 year ago under the leadership of Mamawi Andrew and has since amassed support from the local community, with 6 schools and a budding desire for expansion, the entity is on mission to develop the landscape of lacrosse across the continent.

KLA Mission

To foster lacrosse sports athletes who are competitive, equitable and aspire for all round excellence and are supportive to their communities.

Our Vision

To be the body of choice for Lacrosse development within the African Continent.

Our Values

  • Accessibility and equity to all members regardless of experience, location, social status, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability or any other factor.
  • Integrity and equality in our community.
  • Fair play, sportsmanlike comradeship, using our passion and talents to reach out to our communities.
  • Accountability and transparency.

Overall Strategic Goals

  1. Creating national and continental awareness about the sport.
  2. Stimulating national and African interest in the sport.
  3. Increase volunteer and global partnerships to support Kids Lacrosse Africa.
  4. Enhancing communication with members and other stakeholders.
  5. Organizing tournaments and skills development clinics.
  6. Providing students and lacrosse individuals with the opportunity to grow and develop as individuals through the provision of sport.
  7. To be financially viable and have our budget funded.
  8. To increase community based participation.
  9. Develop a sustainable player base.
  10. To secure a convenient training facility

KLA Objectives

The objects of the club shall be the following:

  • To provide facilities for the sport of Lacrosse and for the social intercourse of members.
  • To handle equipment drives and purchases for continental expansion purposes.
  • To provide a forum for discussions of all matters relating to the development and improvement of the standards of Lacrosse in Africa
  • To promote Lacrosse while closely adhering to the Rules and Regulations of the game, as well as to all other related continental / national Policies and Guidelines on Sports Promotion
  • To develop proper officiating, administration systems, coaching methods and other skills required for the efficient management of the Lacrosse game across the continent.
  • To organize regional or continental tournaments.
  • To have an appropriate communication strategy for the activities of Lacrosse.
  • To embrace people from all walks of life in their different capacities taking into account disadvantaged groups.
  • To reject all forms of discrimination based on sex, gender, age, race, health status, social standing, and religious affiliation, so as to foster equal and unbiased participation in the activities of the Club.
  • To arrange and provide or cause to provide for holding of Courses for the instruction and teaching of Lacrosse through meetings, coaching, mentoring, and organizing clinics in order to further the objects of the Club.
  • To train and play the game of Lacrosse to excellence.
  • To constantly look for new skills and tactics to apply.
  • To encourage others to play and compete.
  • To Foster friendship and association for competitive purposes at schools and club level.
  • To support and promote a continental Lacrosse community
  • .To nurture all round excellence through using sports e.g promote college and secondary school education.